Mission and strategy

The Academy of Medical Sciences is an independent organisation that represents the spectrum of medical science – from basic research through clinical application to healthcare delivery. Our mission is to achieve better healthcare through the application of research to the practice of medicine.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing expert, evidence-based information and advice to policymakers
  • Supporting the development of a first class medical science workforce
  • Championing the UK’s medical research strengths in academia, in the NHS and in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Our elected Fellows are central to our success. It is their unique diversity of talent, collective experience and professionalism that enables the Academy to address complex issues of science and healthcare with expertise and authority. In this way, the Fellowship is a national, public resource of independent and expert advice on medical science and healthcare.

In delivering our strategy we will:

  • Demonstrate to decision makers through the information and advice we provide: the advantages of evidence based health policy; how the UK and the EU can remain a supportive environment for excellent medical research and researchers and the ways to maximise the translation of the knowledge generated for public good.
  • Strengthen connections with the medical research ecosystem and the building of mutual recognition that
  • industry, academia and the NHS are credible and crucial partners in delivering healthcare benefits to society.
  • Inspire, and nurture excellence in, the next generation of medical science researchers, ensuring that they can maximise scientific discoveries for health and wealth benefits.
  • Position the Academy as a receptive, innovative and future-orientated organisation with an engaged Fellowship that reflects the diversity of the life sciences sector.
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