2012 Fellowship election results

46 of the UK's leading medical researchers have been recognised for excellence in medical science with their election to the Academy Fellowship. These distinguished scientists bring the total number of Academy Fellows to 1061. We offer the new Fellows our warmest congratulations on their election and welcome them to the Academy.

Details of these new Fellows can be viewed on the Academy website where you can also download nomination forms for the 2013 election.

Following a drive to encourage nominations of female biomedical researchers, fifteen (33%) of these new Fellows are women a significant improvement on the number elected in previous years and more than double the percentage of female Professors in the biosciences.

Fellows elected in 2012

Professor Christopher Abell FMedSci, Professor of Biological Chemistry, University of Cambridge
Professor Dario Alessi FMedSci, Director of MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit, University of Dundee
Professor Deborah Ashby OBE FMedSci, Professor of Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials, Co-Director of Imperial Clinical Trials Unit, Imperial College London
Professor Tipu Aziz FMedSci, Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Oxford
Professor Denis Azzopardi FMedSci, Professor of Neonatal Medicine, Centre for the Developing Brain, Imperial College London and Kings College London
Professor Julian Blow FRSE FMedSci, Principal Investigator, Associate Dean of Research, University of Dundee
Dr Simon Boulton FMedSci, Senior Research Scientist, Cancer Research UK London Research Institute
Professor Kevin Brindle FMedSci, Co-Director of Imaging, Cancer Research UK
Professor Keith Caldecott FMedSci, Professor of Biochemistry, Genome Damage and Stability Centre, University of Sussex
Professor Kar Keung Cheng FMedSci, Professor of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Birmingham
Professor Nicky Cullum FMedSci, Professor of Nursing, University of Manchester
Professor Johann de Bono FMedSci, Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine, The Institute of Cancer Research and Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
Professor David Dunger FMedSci, Professor of Paediatrics, University of Cambridge
Professor Rosalind Eeles FMedSci, Professor of Oncogenetics, Institute of Cancer Research
& Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith FMedSci, Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator and Professor of Developmental Genetics, University of Cambridge
Professor John Fisher CBE FMedSci, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds
Professor Paul Fletcher FMedSci, Bernard Wolfe Professor of Health Neuroscience, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in Clinical Science, University of Cambridge
Professor Peter Grant FMedSci, Professor of Medicine and Consultant Physician, University of Leeds and Leeds Acute Trust
Professor Michael Hausser FMedSci, Professor of Neuroscience, Wellcome Principal Research Fellow, University College London
Professor Rury Holman FMedSci, Professor of Diabetic Medicine, University of Oxford
Dr Penelope Jeggo FMedSci, Senior Scientist and Honorary Professorial Fellow, Genome Damage and Stability Centre, University of Sussex
Professor Martin H Johnson FMedSci, Professor of Reproductive Sciences, University of Cambridge
Professor Patrick Johnston FMedSci, Dean of Medicine, Queen's University Belfast
Professor Jaspal Singh Kooner FMedSci, Professor of Clinical Cardiology, Imperial College London
Professor Ajit Lalvani FMedSci, Chair of Infectious Diseases, Director, Tuberculosis Research Unit, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London
Professor Deborah Anne Lawlor FMedSci, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Bristol
Professor Stephen MacMahon FMedSci, Principal Director, The George Institute for Global Health; Professor of Medicine and James Martin Professorial Fellow, University of Oxford
Professor Iain McInnes FMedSci, Muirhead Professor of Medicine, University of Glasgow
Professor Gero Miesenböck FMedSci, Waynflete Professor of Physiology, University of Oxford
Professor James Naismith FMedSci, Professor of Chemical Biology and Director of Biomedical Sciences, University of St Andrews
Professor Marie-Louise Newell FMedSci, Director of Africa Centre and Professor of Paediatric Epidemiology, University College London Institute of Health
Professor Randolph Noelle FMedSci, Wellcome Trust Professor of Transplant Science and Immunotherapy; Co-Chair Department of Immune Regulation and Intervention; Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, King's College London
Professor Jane Norman FMedSci, Professor of Maternal and Fetal Health, University of Edinburgh
Professor Sussan Nourshargh FMedSci, Professor of Microvascular Pharmacology and Head, Centre for Microvascular Research, William Harvey Research Institute, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London
Professor Anant Parekh FMedSci, Professor of Physiology, University of Oxford
Professor Chris Ponting FMedSci, Deputy Director MRC Functional Genomics Unit, University of Oxford
Dr Ann Prentice OBE FMedSci, Director, MRC Human Nutrition Research
Professor Kathy Pritchard-Jones FMedSci, Professor of Paediatric Oncology; University College London Institute of Child Health; Honorary Consultant Oncologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and UCL Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Programme Director for Cancer UCLPartners
Professor Anne Ridley FMedSci, Professor of Cell Biology, King's College London
Professor Philippa Saunders FMedSci, Director, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health
Professor Sophie Scott FMedSci, Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London
Dr Moncef Slaoui FMedSci, R&D Chairman, GlaxoSmithKline
Professor Anthony Turner FMedSci, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Leeds
Professor Jane Wardle FMedSci, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Director Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre, University College London
Dr Timothy Wells FMedSci, Chief Scientific Officer, Medicines for Malaria Venture
Professor Christopher Geoffrey Woods FMedSci, Honorary Consultant in Clinical Genetics, Professor of Human Genetics, University of Cambridge

The new Fellows will be formally admitted to the Academy at a ceremony on Wednesday 27 June 2012 . We hope you will support the Academy and our new Fellows at this important event and look forward to seeing you there.

The new Fellows elected in 2011

For further information contact clare.brown@acmedsci.ac.uk

Invitation to new Fellows admission day and summer soirée

The new Fellows elected in 2012 will be formally admitted during a ceremony on Wednesday 27 June. All Fellows are warmly invited to attend the day's events (see programme below). As well as the election of new Fellows, the day includes presentations from three new Fellows and a keynote lecture from Professor Frances Ashcroft FRS FMedSci, Royal Society GlaxoSmithKline Research Professor, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford

The day will conclude with a summer soirée at the Academy headquarters building, 41 Portland Place.

Invitations and reply cards will be posted to Fellows shortly.

To book your place contact alison.rojo@acmedsci.ac.uk

Programme – new Fellows admission day

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), 66 Portland Place, London, W1B 1AD and The Academy of Medical Sciences, 41 Portland Place, London W1B 1QH

14.00 Tea available at RIBA for guests arriving for Admission Ceremony
14.20 Welcome from the President
Jarvis Auditorium, RIBA
14.25 New Fellows Admission Ceremony
Jarvis Auditorium, RIBA
15.30 Afternoon tea
Jarvis Auditorium, RIBA
16.00 Presentations from new Fellows
Jarvis Auditorium, RIBA
16.45 Keynote Lecture
Jarvis Auditorium, RIBA
Professor Frances Ashcroft FRS FMedSci, Royal Society GlaxoSmithKline Research Professor, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics University of Oxford
17.30 Fellows Summer Soirée 2012
Drinks and a barbeque supper will be served in the John Newsom-Davis Suite and on the Terrace at 41 Portland Place
20.00 Close

For further information please contact alison.rojo@acmedsci.ac.uk

New Registrar: Professor Moira Whyte

Professor Moira Whyte FMedSci, Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Head of Department of Infection and Immunity, University of Sheffield will take over from the current registrar Professor Patrick Maxwell FMedSci when he retires at the Admission Ceremony on 27 June this year.

Moira's appointment was confirmed by unanimous vote at the Council meeting on 26 April 2012.

Professor Moira Whyte, FMedSci

For further information please contact lesley.sims@acmedsci.ac.uk

Call for nominations for Vice President

The Academy is seeking nominations for a successor to Professor Ron Laskey CBE FRS FMedSci who will be retiring at the AGM on 22 November 2012. Further information and nomination forms are available below. The deadline for nominations is 31 May 2012.

Download nomination information
Download nomination form
Download Vice President duties

Professor Ron Laskey CBE FRS FMedSci, Vice-President

For further information please contact lesley.sims@acmedsci.ac.uk

Suggest candidates for Honorary Fellowship

Fellows are invited to suggest candidates for Honorary Fellowship of the Academy. As set out in our Standing Orders, Honorary Fellowship is offered to distinguished individuals in recognition of their public service and contribution to medical science.

Suggestions should be made in writing to the President and should include the name, title, qualifications, nationality, date of birth and usual place of residence of the candidate. The letter should contain a statement of the principal grounds on which the proposal is made. The deadline for suggestions is 30 June 2012. Suggestions will be considered by Council and a short list will then be put to the Fellowship for election at the AGM on 22 November 2012.

We look forward to welcoming the following Honorary Fellows at the AGM on 22 November:

  • Professor François Barré–Sinoussi
  • Lord Rees of Ludlow
  • Sir John Walker
  • Baroness Warnock
  • Sir Andrew Witty

Dr Venki Ramakrishnan FRS FMedSci, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC FMedSci and Professor John Gurdon FRS FMedSci admitted as Honorary Fellows in 2011

For further information please contact lesley.sims@acmedsci.ac.uk

Rewarding and recognising teams

As part of the development of the Academy's 2012–16 strategy, we have been reflecting on the growing debate around the value of interdisciplinary teams in ensuring progress in biomedical science and its translation into health and wealth benefits.

In order to explore the implications of team science, a small roundtable was convened at the Academy on 27 March 2012, chaired by the President. Participants, primarily Fellows, were drawn from academia, industry, the medical research charities, public research funders and scientific publishing. The roundtable was informed by the thoughts of Fellows who had responded to a request for views on team science as part of the Academy's wider consultation on the strategy. There was recognition by participants that multi-disciplinary teams are essential to address major public health challenges and translation of research into health and wealth benefits. However, currently reward and recognition focuses on individuals and training to support individuals to be effective team members and leaders is missing. In addition, many multi-disciplinary teams will require adequately funded infrastructure to support them.

The report of this roundtable will be published in the summer and the Academy will consider the implications of its findings for its own activities.

For further information please contact rachel.quinn@acmedsci.ac.uk

Biosafety, biosecurity and bioethics in pandemic influenza research

Towards the end of 2011, the journals Nature and Science were asked by the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity to redact parts of two scientific papers reporting research into H5N1 (bird) influenza before publishing them. This incident stimulated much debate in relation to scientific openness and transparency, which led the Royal Society to convene an international discussion meeting, H5N1 research: biosafety, biosecurity and bioethics, in partnership with the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Foundation for Vaccine Research. The meeting discussed the practice and policy of H5N1 research and a programme. A number of Academy Fellows spoke at the event, which took place on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 April 2012.

The video of the event is available from http://royalsociety.org/events/2012/viruses/

This is part of ongoing work by the Academy and the Royal Society on pandemic influenza, that includes a working group report (published in November 2006), symposium (November 2007), meetings during the H1N1 (swine) influenza pandemic and most recently, a further meeting of its working group in October 2011, which resulted in a joint letter to the Chief Medical Officer. This work is chaired by Sir John Skehel FRS FMedSci.

For further information please contact abbi.hobbs@acmedsci.ac.uk

ARRIVE Guidelines: Improving the reporting of animal experiments

The ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting In Vivo Experiments) guidelines are intended to improve the standards of reporting of animal experiments and ensure that the data from animal experiments can be fully evaluated and utilised. The guidelines are primarily aimed at scientists writing up their research for publication and for those who are involved in peer review. The guidelines have been developed by the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs), an independent scientific organisation, tasked by Government with supporting the UK science base through the application of research to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals in research.

The UK's major bioscience funders, including the MRC, BBSRC, Defra, NERC and the Wellcome Trust, have incorporated adherence to the guidelines into a revised version of 'Responsibility in the use of animals in bioscience research: Expectations of the major research council and charitable funding bodies', which was originally published in May 2008. A number of high-profile journals have incorporated ARRIVE in their 'Instructions for Authors'.

Fellows are encouraged to adhere to the ARRIVE guidelines when publishing their own research, and to prompt more journals to include them in their instructions to authors and referees.

For further information please contact abbi.hobbs@acmedsci.ac.uk

Academy strengthens its representation in Europe

The Academy's Foreign Secretary, Professor Robert Souhami CBE FMedSci, was recently invited to be an Officer at the Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM), the umbrella body for national academies of medical science across Europe. This reflects the Academy's increasing engagement at the European level and provides an excellent opportunity for the Academy to take forward the European dimension of its 2012-2016 strategic plan. In his new role Professor Souhami attended the FEAM annual meeting at the Spanish Royal National Academy of Medicine in Madrid on 4/5 May. Discussion covered a wide range of matters of importance to the Academy including:

  • European Data Protection Directive
  • European Clinical Trials Directive
  • European Physical Agents Directive
  • Ageing
  • European medical and veterinary education and training

Other Academy Fellows who attended this event include Professor Sir Peter Lachmann FRS FMedSci, Professor Dermot Kelleher FMedSci and Professor Kay-Tee Khaw CBE FMedSci.

For further information please contact laurie.smith@acmedsci.ac.uk

New awards from Turnberg travel fellowship scheme

30 new Travel Fellowships have been awarded through the fourth round of funding for the Daniel Turnberg UK/Middle East Travel Fellowship Scheme. The scheme offers early and mid-career clinical academics and biomedical scientists the opportunity to develop their research, share knowledge and establish collaborations between institutions in the UK and Middle East. The Academy received an enthusiastic response to the fourth round of funding, receiving 95 applications for Fellowship Awards offering up to £3,500, to support visits of up to four weeks.

The Daniel Turnberg UK/Middle East Travel Fellowship scheme benefits from the generous support of the Royal College of Physicians, the Wellcome Trust and the Wolfson Family Charitable Trust who, as ongoing funders of the scheme, were joined for the fourth round by the Royal College and Surgeons of England and the Division of Surgery, Imperial College London.

These Travel Fellowship Awards are offered on an annual basis. The fifth round will open for applications in October 2012.

View details of awards made through the fourth round of funding.

For further information please contact ellie.estchild@acmedsci.ac.uk

Help us to engage earlier career researchers

A Task Force, Chaired by Professor Martin Humphries FMedSci, was set up in April to consider how to establish greater engagement of earlier career researchers from across the spectrum of medical science with the Academy. It is also considering how to create a forum that facilitates information exchange and the fostering of interdisciplinarity and collaboration, to enable key research and healthcare challenges to be tackled.

After a lively first meeting, the Task Force agreed that they should seek further input from earlier career researchers – each member conducting a focus group in their region, to receive feedback on the initial models and to encourage new ideas. The members will be feeding back the results in time for the second meeting on the 1st June, and a progress report will go to Council in June.

If you have ideas on how to promote interdisciplinarity via social media, or would like to express your views on innovative conference formats such as unconferences, sandpits or TED talks, please get in touch.

For further information please contact abbi.hobbs@acmedsci.ac.uk

INSPIRE – engaging medical students with research

We are delighted to announce that the Wellcome Trust has approved the Academy's proposal for INSPIRE, a new £1M, five year programme of activity to engage medical students with research. The set-up phase of the project is now underway. The scheme builds on the excellent work undertaken over the last five by the AMS/Medical Research Society Clinical Research Champions.

Our proposal, at the invitation of the Wellcome Trust, was the main output of a scoping study initiated to gather evidence from Fellows, medical students and other stakeholders regarding how best to engage medical students with research. Professor Moira Whyte FMedSci, University of Sheffield, chaired the scoping group.

The core element of INSPIRE is a small grant scheme. All medical schools will be invited to apply for a grant of £7–15k over a two year period, to develop activities which introduce medical students to research. We expect a range of approaches from inspirational lectures and careers evenings to networking events and special study components. We hope to award the first grants by the end of 2012.

As part of our initial communications strategy, we are working with the Medical Schools Council to introduce the INSPIRE programme to the medical school deans. A number of deans have already been involved in discussions about the programme. We are encouraging all deans to consider whom they might want to invite from their local faculty to lead such activities in their medical school. The Academy will hold a launch event at the start of the next academic year to help these faculty members in putting together a grant application for the INSPIRE programme. The meeting will:

  • Showcase some of the schemes across the UK that are currently proving effective in engaging medical students with research.
  • Stimulate innovative thinking about how best to use the grant funding.
  • Present an opportunity for networking.
  • Provide a chance for questions about the grant application process.
  • Enable the Academy project team to meet potential local leads.

For further information, please contact nigel.eady@acmedsci.ac.uk

Mentoring booklet launch

The Academy's one-to-one mentoring scheme is ten years old this year. A booklet, Supporting tomorrow's leaders today, was launched on 6 March in Newcastle to mark this milestone and to celebrate the achievements of the scheme to date. The booklet outlines our experiences of running a mentoring scheme. We hope it will encourage other institutions and individuals to reflect on the role they might play in nurturing the next generation of medical researchers. The booklet includes case studies of two mentoring schemes initiated by Academy Fellows in just this way.

You should have already received a personal copy of the booklet.

We are delighted that the booklet is already attracting extremely positive feedback, both in terms of content and design. Please do share the booklet widely with your network of contacts. Feel free to contact the Academy office if you require any additional hard copies. An electronic version can be downloaded from the Academy website

For further information please contact nigel.eady@acmedsci.ac.uk

Mentoring films

The Academy is working to enrich video content available through the our website starting with a series of short films to introduce the Academy's mentoring scheme. The films feature interviews with several Academy Fellows who are mentors, as well as mentees and key stakeholders. The first film was used to launch our mentoring booklet in Newcastle.

View a video on the booklet.

Three further films are currently in production and will be online shortly. These supplementary films highlight the benefits of mentoring to both mentors and mentees and promote mentoring as an important intervention in supporting academic careers. We are very grateful to all the Fellows who have contributed their time and expertise to the production of the booklet and films.

The National Institute for Health Research is the core supporter of the Academy's Mentoring and Outreach Scheme.

Participants in the Academy Mentoring scheme, Professor Rosalind Smyth FMedSci and Dr Ben Caplin.

For further information please contact nigel.eady@acmedsci.ac.uk

FORUM Annual Lecture

The Academy's annual FORUM lecture took place on 19 March 2012 The lecture, 'Frameworks of the Regulation of Medicinal Products: Opportunities and Challenges', was delivered by Sir Alasdair Breckenridge CBE FRSE FMedSci, Chairman, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. Approximately 70 representatives from across the biomedical sector attended including those from academia, industry, medical research charities, regulators and government departments. There was a particularly lively discussion that covered issues such as the role of the patient in the regulatory process, early access to medicines and the regulation of devices. A report of the lecture will be published shortly.

Suggestions of speakers for the next FORUM lecture are welcome. The FORUM lecture topic should bring together stakeholders from across the life sciences ecosystem.

For further information please contact rachel.quinn@acmedsci.ac.uk

International Health Lecture

The Academy's 2012 International Health Lecture will be delivered by Professor Janet Hemingway FRS FMedSci, Director of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, who will speak on the topic of the health impacts of product development partnerships. The lecture will begin at 18:00 on Monday 28 May at the Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London. Admission is free.

To register please e-mail: events@acmedsci.ac.uk. Fellows are encouraged to attend and draw the event to the attention of interested colleagues.

For further information please contact events@acmedsci.ac.uk

Discussion dinners in London, Liverpool, Glasgow

After a successful pilot last year, we are delighted to announce a further series of discussion dinners in 2012.

The evenings provide an opportunity for you to hear talks given by Academy Fellows and enjoy discussion over a three course meal and drinks.

All Fellows are warmly invited to attend one or more of the following discussion dinners:

How and why does an extra sex chromosome affect neurodevelopment?
Monday 11 June
Professor Dorothy Bishop FMedSci, Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford
View abstract

Children's self-control and the health and wealth of their nation: a four-decade follow-up study
Monday 9 July
Professor Terrie Moffitt FBA FMedSci, Professor of Social Behaviour and Development, Institute of Psychiatry
View abstract

Stem cell research: past, present and future
Monday 15 October
Dr Robin Lovell-Badge FRS FMedSci, Head of Division of Developmental Genetics, MRC National Institute for Medical Research

Tickets for these dinners cost £55 per person and include a three course meal with drinks. Fellows may book one additional place for a guest. Events begin with drinks in the Fellows' Room from 17:30. The talk will commence at 18:00 and discussion will take place over dinner, served at 19:00 in the Laurie Landeau Room.

To book a place contact alison.rojo@acmedsci.ac.uk or call 020 3176 2156

As well as the above programme of London dinners we will also be holding discussion dinners in Liverpool and Glasgow. These dinners will be preceded by an open meeting of Fellows.

Fellows discussion dinner, University of Glasgow
12 November
The dinner will be preceded by an open meeting of Fellows reporting on the Academy's team science project.

Fellows discussion dinner, University of Liverpool
4 December
The dinner will be preceded by an open meeting of Fellows reporting back on the Academy's taskforce on women in the Fellowship.

For further information please contact alison.rojo@acmedsci.ac.uk

Mentoring and Outreach events 2012

Mid July – Mentor development workshop, 41 Portland Place, London A chance for Academy Fellows, whether currently mentors or not, to discuss mentoring, develop mentoring skills and share experiences.

5 September – Mentoring and Outreach event, Dundee An event to bring together clinical academic trainees in Scotland with senior academics and key representatives from the wider medical science community. Trainees learn about mentoring, network with peers and senior academics, hear from funders and engage in debate. Academy Fellows are very welcome and play a vital role during networking sessions.

Mid November – Early career skills workshop, 41 Portland Place, London A workshop for postdoctoral medical researchers to develop the skills, such as management and leadership, required to become an effective, independent researcher.

Early December – Postdoctoral 'Supper Club', Bristol (tbc) Informal dinners for early career clinical academics to ensure that the Fellows of tomorrow establish a strong relationship with the Academy and remain involved in our schemes beyond our current mentoring provision for postdoctoral clinical academics. For further information, please contact colby.benari@acmedsci.ac.uk

For further information please contact colby.benari@acmedsci.ac.uk

Fellows summer offer

Our headquarters at 41 Portland Place is a perfect venue for Fellows to hold meetings, seminars and dinners, with both modern and period rooms that are able to accommodate anything from 4 to 80 people. We have carefully designed a few really great value packages, which are available exclusively to Fellows until 30th September 2012.

Download details of exclusive Fellows summer packages.

For further information please contact hannah.evans@acmedsci.ac.uk

Tel: 020 3176 2150 Email: info@acmedsci.ac.uk